I'm Emmanuel

My journey with photography began in 2011, driven by a passion for visual storytelling. Over time, this passion grew into a lifelong pursuit, leading me to pursue a degree in photography, along with a minor in special lighting and cinematography. Each step of my education deepened my appreciation for the craft.

In the service, I had the unique opportunity to photograph missions and training exercises, providing me with unparalleled training in anticipating when action is about to unfold. This experience shaped my approach to capturing moments, honing my ability to recognize and seize the essence of a scene.

Upon completing my service, I assembled a dedicated team to assist in meeting the needs of our yearly clients, ranging from military balls to sports games and various events. With their support, we founded Perfectionshoots, focusing on documenting military milestones and family celebrations.

At Perfectionshoots, we specialize in capturing the genuine smiles and heartfelt moments of people's lives. Since our inception, we've had the privilege of serving high-profile clients across six countries and over 17 states. We take pride in being VA approved for military events, a testament to our commitment to preserving the memories of those who serve.

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